Attendance Make-Up for CURRENT SEMESTER 

Make-Up Work for your CURRENT Semester

Make-up work is your opportunity to "make up" for learning and studying you missed in your seminary class.   This is meant to be a MEANINGFUL experience that helps you draw closer to Christ.  You should be taking an equivalent amount of time in your make-up work that you would be taking in a seminary class.  

We want you to learn what you missed in your seminary class on the day you were absent.  In order to do that, you have the opportunity to complete the specific lesson in the Seminary Student Manual (see list & links to Manuals below) for the lesson you missed in class.  

If you already know which specific lesson you need to make up, then skip to instruction #7.  

Here's how you know which lessons you need to make up: 

3.  Scroll down until you see the calendar.  Days in RED or GRAY are days you need to make up.   BASICALLY ANYTHING THAT IS NOT GREEN MEANS IT IS AN ABSENCE.  AND THE SAME INSTRUCTIONS APPLY. 

4.  Write down the date of the days you need to make up so you can reference it in the next step.  

5.   Now click on the LIST icon on the far RH side next to the calendars and  switch to "lessons."  (See arrow & icon above)

6.  On the left hand side, look for the date you missed.  Associated with that date there will be the name of the lesson you need to make-up.  (For example, if I was absent August 17, the lesson I missed was Romans 7-12)

7.  Find the lesson you need to make up in the  Student Study Manual (see list below).   (For example, if I need to make up the lesson for 1 John 1-5, I will choose the New Testament Student Manual, then I will find the lesson for 1 John 1-5 in that manual.)  Please note!   Before you start work in the Student Manual - the work you do in the manual MUST be done on the online form.  Don't just "do the lesson" in the manual, and put your answers in a notebook or google doc.  There are very specific instructions on the online form you need to fill out as you do your make-up work.  

New Testament Student Manual

Old Testament Student Manual 

Book of Mormon Student Manual

Doctrine & Covenants Student Manual

8.  AGAIN!  Before you start work in the Student Manual - START WITH THE ONLINE FORM!!    You need to start your make-up work with the online form Self-Guided Lesson in the Seminary Student  Manual.    As you work through the form, it will ask you to reference the Seminary Student Manual for the lesson missed.  (choose the manual from the list above.) When you have completed all the questions on the online form, (Click here to find the form you will fill out. ) you will submit your work electronically.  

PLEASE NOTE:   This make-up work is designed to help you form a connection and a relationship with the Savior, and to build your knowledge and love of the scriptures.  It is not a quick-fix to hurry through so you can get credit.  We love you enough to have high expectations for your make-up work.  Thank you for genuinely choosing to have an uplifting spiritual experience as you complete your make-up work.  :)  

This icon is the "journal" icon.  You will be asked to fill out questions on the online form that are specifically "journal" questions.   This is how you distinguish "journal"  questions from other questions throughout the lesson.

Example of Finding & Completing Make-Up Work:  Let's say I know I have make-up work to do this semester, but I don't know which days I missed, or what work I have to do.   I will start by logging in to  After I click on "Class Sessions" I see that I was absent on Tuesday, September 19, because it is highlighted in either grey or red.  I'll change the view from "Calendar" to "List and Schedule" and scroll down to September 19.  On that day, the lesson was  2 Corinthians 11-12.  Now I'll go to the Seminary Student Manual and find the lesson for 2 Corinthians 11-12. 

BEFORE I start working through the questions in the Seminary Student Manual, I will go to the ONLINE form for make-up work.  I will start my assignment by working through the questions on the online form, which will have me reference my scriptures and the  Seminary Student Manual.  Once I have answered all questions on the form, I will submit my answers.  All of this is done electronically, and I don't use a journal or any other  paper record.