Free Parking at UCAS Seminary

Orem UCAS students who take seminary are invited to get an Institute parking pass, which allows students to park near the seminary building, just East of UCAS Orem campus.

Before you begin, you will need:

- License Plate number, make & model of vehicle you will be registering.

- UVID number.

To get a parking pass, complete the parking registration form at:

After you have filled out the parking registration information online, Sister Cloward at UCAS will give you the parking sticker for your car. Usually you will receive your parking sticker within a day or two of filling out the form when you attend your seminary class.


- You must apply for a parking permit each semester.

- Your license plate and sticker must be visible from the aisle. Do not back into a parking stall, or pull through.

- Attendance in seminary must be above 75% for parking privilege to remain in effect.