Institute instructions are provided here for graduating seniors who want to further their religious education after High School.

Institute is NOT AN OPTION to replace seminary during High School.


1. Go to, and sign in with your Church Account username and password (the same you use for FamilySearch or

2. Make sure your personal information is correct (under “Settings”).

3. If the institute you want is not listed under “My Locations,” find your institute by clicking on “Edit Locations” & “Find Institutes.”

4. Locate your institute on the map (you can enter your address to find the closest one), select it, and click “Save” at the bottom right.

5. Back on myInstitute, under the “Classes” tab you can search for classes by specific day, time, or teacher (and semester). Find one that gets you excited.

6. Check “Register,” and you’re done!

7. Call 801-764-3000 with any questions.