Early Morning Seminary

Early Morning seminary at UCAS is provided for students who would like to take seminary before the regular UCAS school day starts.   THESE CLASSES ARE OUR MOST POPULAR TIME TO TAKE SEMINARY.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD BY SPEAKING TO SIS CLOWARD AND YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR IF YOU NEED ZERO HOUR!   If you wait until school starts to put zero hour on your schedule, there probably will not be room in the class, they fill up very quickly!  Please plan ahead!  

You MUST Contact Sister Cloward AND YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR to get signed up for early morning.  You can contact Sister Cloward at:  clowardme@churchofjesuschrist.org   Just send her an email, and let her know you would like to be placed in an early morning class.  

Both Provo and Orem campuses provide Early Morning classes.  

Start time is 8:00 a.m.

You also MUST contact your school counselor at UCAS to let them know you want early morning seminary.   They will be the ones to let you know if there is room in the class for you.

11th and 12th grade – megan.stone@ucas-edu.net

10th grade – lexie.hemeyer@ucas-edu.net

9th grade – randon.olsen@ucas-edu.net