In-Person Seminary


Find your UCAS counselor's email below, and send them an email saying you'd like to add Seminary to your schedule.  **If you are taking early morning (8:00 before school starts), you still MUST contact your school counselor to let them know that is your plan.   

11th and 12th grade –

10th grade –

9th grade –


1. For Registration, Parents need to login at: 

*If you don't have an account or you are a friend of another faith, please create a free account by clicking "Create an Account"

2.  Click on the registration button (scriptures with beams of light)

3.  Click on the "Edit" button

4.  Select the graduation year, and select Provo UT Academy of Sciences or Orem UT Academy of Sciences Seminary. 

Then click "I accept the Participation Policy" and finally click the "Update" button.

Please NOTE:  You are not signing up for Orem Jr.!  Scroll until you find either PROVO (9th and 10th grades) or OREM  (11th and 12th grades) UT Academy of Sciences.   The list may not be in alphabetical order... sigh.  But you can find the right school anyway... we believe in you!  

5.  Click the information button at the top (It's the letter "i" surrounded by a circle) and update all 1) parent information and 2) student information. This is a critical step in providing you and your student with all the latest updates.

Great Job! You are done! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.