MySeminary Information

In order to log in, you will need to know your LDS Account Login username.  If you have forgotten it, Sister Cloward or your teacher can look it up for you.  (Teachers cannot look up passwords, but with a user name you can have the password emailed to you.) 

 The Home Page

Students should be able to see their name directly above the four main categories, and also in the top right hand corner of the screen.  

Is your contact information correct?  Updating your contact info!

Click on the student's name in the upper right hand corner.  

From the drop down menu, choose "View/Update Contact Info"

Add your information, or make any necessary changes.  Make sure you update the COUNTRY for your telephone number.  If this does not say "United States" any text we send to you will be rejected.  

Changing your photo.  Please follow these guidelines!  (Please!) 

Please keep in mind that this is not a public photo.  Nobody sees these photos but your teacher.  Your classmates won't ever see them.  

Although you have a lot of fun photos that show what an awesome human you are, please follow these guidelines:

YAY!!  Here's an great example of a phot to upload!  It's just what we're looking for!

Here are examples of what NOT to do...

Reading Progress

Reading Progress allows you to:

The website should default to the current semester.  For the example shown, it is Term 1 - New Testament

Set your Reading Goal!  Ideally, this goal should include some kind of daily scripture reading, the amount of time you will devote, and when you plan to do it.   For Example: "I will read 10 minutes a day in the Book of Mormon between 9:00 - 10:00 before I go to bed."  

Under "View and Mark Readings" you will check the boxes for the required readings you have completed.   These are the only chapters required for the 2nd half of the New Testament.   

To see requirements for all other semesters, click HERE.

The reading requirements for seminary are new as of 2023, so choosing previous semesters will not show past reading requirements.  Talk to your teacher or Sister Cloward if you need to make up past reading OR go to the Reading Make-Up Page.  

Class Sessions

"Class Sessions"  allows you to:

The "Current Progress" percentage is your attendance percentage.  In order to receive credit for the semester, your percentage must be above 75%.  It must also be above 75% to qualify for parking privileges at the Orem campus.   

This calendar is your attendance record.

Green means you were present.

Grey means it was parent or school excused.

Red means it is an unexcused absence.  

You can use this icon to switch the view from "Calendar" to "Lesson & Schedule" to see the lessons given on each calendar day.  

For make up work, look at the calendar to see the day you were absent, then look at the "Lesson and Schedule" list to find the lesson given on the day you were absent.  

Next, go to the Seminary Student Manual, find the lesson you missed, and complete the assignment.  

Find more information on doing Attendance  Make-Up work HERE.

Graduation Summary

The "Graduation Summary" allows you to see at a glance your progress towards seminary graduation.   

Under the Graduation Summary, you can find your  "credit hours earned."  In the example shown, there are 3/4 credits earned.  "Credit Hours Earned" are the YEARS you are in seminary, and "Records with Credit" are the semesters you are in seminary.  Students need 8 "Records with Credit" to graduate, which is equivalent to the 8 semesters/4 years of  HS.  If you are a senior you should have 3/4, "Credit Hours Earned" since for your senior year you will earn the last full credit.  If you have anything less than 3 credits starting your senior year, that means you have not received credit for a previous semester.  

If you scroll down you will see your previous years' enrollment information.  If you have an "incomplete" anywhere on this chart, you will need to do make up work in order to receive credit for that semester.  Talk to your teacher.  They can help you get caught up! 

Parents - Excusing Absences on the MySeminary Website: