MySeminary Information

In order to log in, you will need to know your LDS Account Login username. If you have forgotten it, Sister Cloward or your teacher can look it up for you. (Teachers cannot look up passwords, but with a user name you can have the password emailed to you.)

  • If you do not have an LDS Account, please create one. BUT DO NOT MAKE A DUPLICATE! I repeat - DO NOT make another one! It causes many many many many many headaches. (Like SOOOOOOO Many!)

  • In order to create an LDS Account - you will need your Membership Number (MRN). Sister Cloward or your teacher can look this up for you, it's on your temple recommend, or you can ask your Ward Clerk to find it for you.

The Home Page

On the Home Page, you will see your account information, as well as an ICON library.

At a glance you can see your attendance percentage, and where you are on your reading.

The Reading Icon & How to Mark Your Reading

If you need to mark your reading for multiple days (Just in case you don't go MySeminary every day...) You can mark multiple days by going to the calendar. Scroll down and Click on "Current Term Progress" to get to the Calendar.

When you click on the Reading Icon, you will see where you can set and edit your personal reading goal, and where you can mark each day's reading.

Click on the box by "Mark Today's Reading" and your reading will be recorded.

Now you can mark multiple days of reading you might have missed marking by just clicking on the days.

Class Progress

This Class Progress icon lets you see what absences and tardies you have for the current semester, your attendance percentage, etc... This is information ONLY for the current seminary class in which you are enrolled.

Seminary Progress "Graduation"

The "Seminary Progress" (Graduation) Icon lets you see what seminary classes you've taken in the past, and if you have received graduation credit for those courses. If it says "complete" you have no make up work to do.

If you have make-up work to do, you can complete that work by going to the make-up page on this website.

Please contact Sister Cloward in the office if you have questions about past credit.