Uploading Files to One Drive

Before you begin - make sure you are logged into your church account. (So go into WISE, or something in which you have to enter your church login and password. THEN you can upload your files into OneDrive.


Outlook is your email. Make sure you are logged in to your church email.


Choose OneDrive from the Apps


You may have many files in your ONE DRIVE account. Mine obviously has a few.

Choose UCAS 2021


In UCAS 2021, open the "Doctrinal Mastery D&C 2021" file.


Now that you're in the "Doctrinal Mastery D&C 2021" file where you want to put your Doctrinal Mastery lesson to share, choose UPLOAD


In the pop up window, browse your computer until you find the file you want to upload, and select it. Make sure that file shows up in the "File Name" box. Then click "Open."


In the upper right hand corner, you will see two arrows going around in a circle next to "Uploading 1 item." It will take a few minutes to upload your file. Be patient.


Once your lesson is uploaded, you'll get a popup window letting you know the upload is complete. Then you should be able to see your lesson added to the shared "Doctrinal Mastery D&C 2021" File.